As a connoisseur of the poker gambling game, of course you agree with us that currently there are a lot of fake gambling agents or scam agents who are just trying to get from their members’ money. The fraud modes that are carried out are quite various, from deleting member id, blocking passwords and IDs to the reason why accounts are exposed to hacker attacks.

This kind of factor has become accustomed to running in the internet world and even many have been attacked by cases like this. And for us to create the content of this article to provide information on the characteristics of Online Poker Sites that very often commit fraud against all their members. For that, please listen carefully to the information below. Don’t get tricked by wrongly joining this site.


Easy method to remember Cheater or Not Poker Agent

Many bugs are found for the game One of the first characteristics that is easiest to know is that there are many bugs or errors found for the system when a member logs in, connected to the game until the time the member logs in, opening the game until time will get a winning bonus factor like this is sometimes quite unfortunate for every Gambling service agent sites ignore some members who for the most part already trust them well.

It needs to be found again that this type of bug can be the cause of the site being infected by a malware virus or having a certain script setting that makes it difficult for some players to win.

Having an automatic bot player may be that you never realize that there are actually some internet gambling agents that use an automatic bot system, namely the robot player setting to gain profits while playing at the same table. For this analysis we will review in the next article. Robot players like this are generally difficult to know if they are sitting at the same table with human or human players.

They always get good wins when they have small and big card combinations so you have to be careful if there are players who always get wins and are good at gambling big even though their hand card combinations are small. This is main to understand, because otherwise you can also lose continuously.

the age of the new site Have you noticed that not all online poker sites on the Internet have been around for a long time, they can only be established one day and get a turnover of up to tens of people because of closing many members. We need to understand this factor so that we don’t get trapped by fake gambling agents who have to get online gambling wealth, it’s fun because we can seek knowledge to train instincts and find victory quickly enough but on the other hand there are gambling agents who take advantage of these opportunities to cheat and enrich themselves. quickly.

It takes too long to process deposits and withdrawals

Finally, the feature that is most easily understood when you join an online poker gambling site is a method of depositing and withdrawing funds that takes too long for hours, even though the results are processed. It could be that you have gained experience here, when you deposit a small amount it is too long even if the natural deposit is a large amount? Make these similar factors a lesson in the future even if the information on the site gives the advantage of the fast deposit method.

So that’s some info from that you should know before deciding to play an Online Poker Site.

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